Model TG - 03                                     $10200   
With Insulated Fire Box                      $10400                      
Overall Length ---  16ft.   
Main Smoking Chamber Rack Size ----   56"X28"  and 56"X20" They                 are cut out like a football field
Rib Box with 3 Racks that are 18"X18"
Fire box is 30"X20" with easy clean out and butterfly vents
Grill Racks Sizes are ---- 28"X5ft and 20"X5ft.
A Propane fryer added to the inside of trailer
Tool box sizeding beside grill for stroage
A slide out bench to set on with a table in front
Sink beside the smoking chamber with 2 tanks that are 15gal tanks.
30" Awing on each side.